Memoria viva

Living Memory

To honor FAI's 12 years of work, we decided to summarize our processes and projects in this beautiful book, "Living MEMORY," which explains our why, how, and what.
Revista FAIbulosa


We are delighted to introduce our inaugural edition of the FAIbulosa Magazine: "The Invisible Thread." Within these pages, our unique illustrated narrative serves as the guiding thread, weaving together interactive games, intriguing facts, and profound insights. We invite you to explore an alternative perspective, one that reveals the intricate web of connections between all things, all through the lens of art and a deep understanding of our cherished Misiones jungle. Since 2023, over 300 copies have found their way into the hands of Misiones' students. Don't let this opportunity pass you by—dive in and discover!

Coming soon

We will introduce you to our experiences, our learnings, and our practices from one of our living processes: the native plant and yerba mate nursery.